Dominika Grnova was born in Piestany, Slovakia, and was raised in an isolated village in northern Greece. She spent several years in New York City, Tokyo and Athens where she developed her personal style. She currently lives in London.

Her art incorporates self-portraits, deep fears and surrealistic fantasies, all expressed in an innocent but haunting way. The sexual angst, rough realities and bold thoughts hidden in her mind, feelings and actions seek a way to surface.

Dominika creates mostly using mixed media on canvas. She uses oil and acrylics, plaster, clay, liquid resin, newspaper clippings, vintage books, dried flowers and old discarded toys.
She is influenced by the works of Jan Svankmajer, Mark Ryden, Ray Caesar, Salvador Dali, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Jennybird Alcantara and Gary Basemen.


New Artist Art Fair,Summer Exhibition Sept 2016,London.